#NagaLeaks Fail: Pro-Duterte Site ‘Collective’ Allegedly Stole Images from Photographers

Captured from Francisco Guerrero FB account

Pro-Duterte site ‘Collective’ has recently released an article centering on Jesse and Leni Robredo. Dubbed as #NagaLeaks, the article became viral, after pro-Duterte Facebook pages spread the first part of the article. However, photographers were quick to disown their involvement in the actions of the  Pro-Duterte site; saying they stole their images.

One of the photographers whose images were used in the articles was of Francisco Guerrero. In his Facebook post, he deliberately said: “Regardless of politics, this is simply theft, and bad writing.”

The website “Collective” used one of the images of Leni Robredo he shot for  Esquire Magazine December 2016 – January 2017  for their article: “Deception: The Shocking Truth behind Leni and Jesse Robredo.” On Saturday, March 4, the photographers complained as the website supporting the current president attacked VP Robredo using their photos without consent.

Aside from Guerrero, he also said that fellow photographers Edwin Tuyay and Jason Quibilan photos were used without permission. Quibilan, on a separate Facebook post, uploaded a screenshot of Duterte’s photo which appeared on the “Collective.” In the said post, he said: “Hey ‘COLLECTIVE,’ stop using MY photographs, WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!!!” (emphasis his).

The issue sprouted in the midst of fake news websites disguising as legitimate source online with bits and pieces of works of others, as well as images, are being used to spread disinformation for political manipulation and black propaganda.

In the ‘About Us’ page of “Collective”, they claim to be unaffiliated and refutes to identify with any party or inclination with any group or ideology. However, they indicated: “Rodrigo Duterte may not be perfect but we know his heart is in the right place. That is why we support him. That is why we fight for him.”




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