MUST-READ: Ateneo Fans! Atenean Expressed Disappointment after Public Bonfire


It seems that a lot of the fans got carried away, especially those Ateneo Lady Eagles fans who showed no respect to other teams when they are on stage. According to the series of account, the Ateneo Lady Eagles fans shouted and screamed ALE! ALE! ALE! even at the times when other teams were on stage. This turned off a lot of the Ateneans who were there to enjoy and celebrate everyone’s achievements. According to the accounts, there were also fans who became very physical to the point of discomfort to Ateneo Lady Eagles themselves as some grabbed them by the hand like they are toys and mannequins, shove their phones off the faces of the girls at some times.

According to sources, Jho Maraguinot, one of Ateneo’s star players was not feeling well but still went to the event but the fans did not consider her condition. Even the bubbliest ALE volleybelle, Ponggay Gaston, turned sour, due to the actions of several fans. While Ateneans would love non-Ateneo fans to join them, the poster asked for civility and these supporters to act appropriately and know their place, especially in events like these.


So, what do you think about this isssue? Do you think the Ateneo Lady Eagles and Ateneo crowd are just discriminating others, or are there really fans that went beyond the line? Share us your comments below!



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