Mother Throws Baby in Garbage Bin – You Will Be So Mad!

Garbage collectors in Australia were shocked to see a blessing in one of the trash bins upon doing their job in Sydney today. Pregnancy can be a tough battle – and so is motherhood. The one who did this probably isn’t ready for commitment or responsibility, she had the guts to do this to her own flesh and blood, her own baby. Fortunately, the neighbors who found the baby inside the trash bin did all the necessary actions to keep her safe and healthy. Even if that means they have to bring in doctors and nurses from the hospital clinic near the university.


Mothers who can’t take care of their kids anymore don’t have to resort to low things like this. Even here in the country, a lot of reports have been logged about recent incidents of throwing their babies just about anywhere when they can’t handle such responsibility. Good thing, though, government officials have been proactive with their advisories about reproductive health and getting pregnant especially if they can’t afford raising a child.

Not to mention, there are a lot of foster parents who would want to have kids of their own but they can’t. For them, this is their only opportunity to receive such a blessing from God. This shocking photo became an instant trend in social media as the abandonment is considered to be extreme, as it seems the mother doesn’t even care if the baby would die or get thrown out along with the garbage.Now, the baby’s in better hands after getting cleaned and all dressed up. Until this very moment, the identity of the baby is still unknown.


Such incidents should be a learning for everyone – especially for the women out there. Don’t get yourself caught in unwanted pregnancy. For men, please help your partners get through life – this may not have happened if there’s a great support system from friends, relatives and their special someone.

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