Man, with a Job as Bank Clerk, Finds Out Girlfriend is Cheating with His Own Dad

Sometimes, life has its funny way to keep on hounding us challenges, we never thought we’ll surpass. Like with the tough situation this man is in right now. He has been working so hard for his family and his future. He landed a job as a bank clerk in a nearby financial institution. Because of that, he didn’t stop until he achieves his goals and aspirations. At the same time, he wants to have a stable job for the future opportunities he’ll be able to get for his future wife and kids. He’s definitely a decent, honorable man, who may become an insurance specialist or even a lawyer in the future as his job.


All he did was study about auto loanshome loans, self annuity payments, car insurance quotes Colorado. When he has finally learned a lot about car insurance quotes Colorado, he wanted to study and become an asbestos lawyer for his mother died because of mesothelioma. It has always been his dream to defend someone as an asbestos lawyer.

While juggling his work and study for a time, he became very busy that his girlfriend found him so hard to reach. But what he had found out really turned his world upside down. Find out more about the story here:


While he was resting at home, thinking about car insurance quotes Colorado and becoming a mesothelioma lawyer, he found out a shocking revelation. When he left his iPhone for work, he discovered that his GF for years is having a relationship with his own father.

The said infidelity was revealed though his handle in 4chan. A lot of users sympathized with him. He said that he was able to track the conversation between his girlfriend and his father, exchanging dirty messages at each other. He even took screenshots of the exchange.

He then confronted her about the issue. While hesitant at first, he was so heart-broken when she finally admitted it. Here’s the conversation:

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