Billionaire Son Spends Money to Get Pretty Girls

What will you do if you have insane amount of money on your bank account? Suddenly, you have billions worth of dollars given to you. Would you spend it for investment opportunities, will you help the poor – or would you follow suit with what this guy did? Well, this sudden billionaire is definitely spending the time of his life and enjoying every moment of it, this billionaire spends insane amount of money to get pretty girls and turn them into hot girlfriends! Check out the full story of this billionaire son here:


Billionaire Son Invests on Girls, not in Money

Making rounds in social media these days is this clip of a man with unbelievable looks, spending lots of his money with hot girls in his posh cars, instead of putting it on a savings bank or an investment.

Chen Shan of the Meizhou province in China has really a weird habit when he interacts towards women. According to reports, he is the heir to the billion dollar worth of properties that his father left when he passed away. Chen Shan’s father is known to be the richest real estate investor in in the province.

Unfortunately, Shan’s father passed away for an unknown reason, leaving him all his wealth on his savings bank. While he could easily use it to improve his appearance, Chen figured he can just get all the girl he wants with his own money instead of being insecure and undergoing plastic surgery from a dermatologist or a cosmetic surgeon. Have you seen the video? Check it here:


But there’s more to that than Chen Shan’s fondness for girls. He actually suffers form anemia and has a developmental problem along with congenital enlargement of the spleen and the liver. This is the reason why he is not capable of undergoing plastic surgery as well.

How about you? Would you spend your money this way, given the certain conditions you have?



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