VIDEO: Arab Teen Flirts with American Blogger; Gets Arrested, Needs Lawyer in Saudi Arabia

Kids these days can be very aggressive and clearly, the internet has changed the world prompting the younger generation to be more radical about the way they communicate. You can publish a video online and it can instantly become a hit. Actually, there are people who gain prominence in the internet. However, there are pros and cons to it, especially when you chat with strangers. Now, he may need a lawyer in Saudi ArabiaThis is the case for these Arab teen who got arrested after a series of videos and chats surfaced online. Watch the videos here:


Abu Sin, 19-year-old Arab teen from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia is just a normal teenager who was chatting with a famous American video blogger, Christina Crockett. Abu Sin is actually a famous internet personality. The Independent clarifies: “The humorous clips show Abu Sin and the young woman from California chatting from their homes, battling language differences between English and Arabic and jokingly declaring their love for one another.”

In one of his clips, Abu Sin was seen wearing a head dress while he serenades Christina in a fake video proposal where the two professed their love for each other, in a joking manner. However, their hilarious chat sessions which were streamed in YouNow were uploaded in popular site, YouTube and went viral over time.

One day, while driving with two friends, Abu Sin was arrested; he stepped out of the car and went over to the police while he was chatting with a Kuwaiti friend. His friends were dumbfounded and told his audience that he’s actually being arrested. Have you seen his flirting videos with American blogger? Check it out here:


One of the Saudi authorities said: “His videos received many comments and many of the commenters from the Arab world demanded for him to be punished for his actions.”

Now, he needs a lawyer in Saudi Arabia to defend him. Poor kid. How about you? What do you think about the issue? Is it fair that he got arrested? Share your comments below!




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